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Harley D. Holmes

40+ Years of the H-D lifestyle, 20 years as an
H-D Master Tech and Shop Forman

With a name like Harley David, its not hard to figure out that my parents raised me to love to ride and I started early. My first ride was a dirt bike. But my first Harley was a 1987 Sportster. I quickly learned I needed more; and in a bit of a rebellious stage, opted for a 1998 Buell White Lighting. I road that through out my 20's and about the same time I started my career at Harley Davidson Dealerships (and got to ride almost every make and model Harley).  Today I ride a 1982 FXE. Inspire by my dads Harley when I was a kid.

I started out in the wash bay at a family owned Harley dealership in Western New York. It wasn't long until I was investing in my own Snap-On toolbox and had my own bay along side 4 master techs with 20 years experience each, and teaching me everything they knew. 

In 2014, I moved my wife and son to Columbia SC to continue my career in-dealership for the next 9 and half years. It's during this time I discovered that I enjoyed teaching and helping the younger generation of techs coming through the shop (and how I came up with Talk With a Master Tech).  

Now, with HDH Cycle Works, it's my promise to get you on the road and riding. Book your appointment and have it worked on in my shop, book a virtual call as you work on your own, or save money with a pre-purchase inspection before you buy that pre-owned Harley.


Now, you "know a guy". 

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